What Vehicle Wash System Do I Need?

Let us help determine which bus wash, truck wash or train wash system best suits your fleet!

First, we need to determine your fleet vehicle size (quantity) and your anticipated vehicle wash schedule. See suggestions below:

  • If you have a fleet of 10-50 vehicles and your wash schedule is not very demanding, Westmatic recommends an automatic rollover vehicle wash system, or often referred to as an automatic gantry vehicle wash system.
  • If you have a fleet of 50+ vehicles and your wash schedule is demanding, Westmatic recommends an automatic drive-through vehicle wash system.

Types of Large Vehicle Wash Systems:

Automatic Bus Wash System | Automatic Truck Wash System | Automatic Train Wash System

  • Automatic Rollover / Gantry Truck Wash / Bus Wash System
  • Automatic Drive-Through Truck Wash / Bus Wash System 
  • Automatic Touchless Drive-Through Truck Wash / Bus Wash System
  • Automatic Rollover / Gantry Touchless Truck Wash / Bus Wash System

If You're Washing...

  • School Buses
  • Transit Buses **WITHOUT BIKE RACKS
  • Motor Coach buses
  • Beverage Trucks
  • 18-Wheelers / Tractor Trailers
  • Smaller vehicles such as pick-up trucks & cars

* With a small to medium sized fleet (10-50 vehicles):

We recommend the Westmatic 3-Brush Rollover. An automatic gantry vehicle wash system. This automatic heavy vehicle wash system is a, "pull in and park" style wash system. Depending on your fleet size, and anticipated bus wash or truck wash schedule, this system is ideal for small-medium sized fleets, who do not demand a high speed vehicle wash schedule. This system reduces driver error, and is the most compact automatic bus wash, or truck wash system in the world today. 

If You're Washing...

  • School Buses
  • Transit Buses **WITH BIKE RACKS**
  • Motor Coach buses **WITH BIKE RACKS**
  • Beverage Trucks
  • 18-Wheelers
  • Smaller vehicles such as pick-up trucks & cars

*With a medium - large sized fleet (50 + Vehicles)

We recommend the Westmatic HEAVY DUTY 3-Brush Rollover. An automatic gantry vehicle wash system. The HEAVY DUTY truck wash or bus wash system comes standard with a pre-soak arch, a high pressure arch (to wash difficult areas such as bike racks), an additional high pressure pump, and an automatic detergent metering system. Westmatic recommends this vehicle wash system for vehicles that have hard to wash debris, mud or road grime. These vehicles are generally very dirty. 

*NEW! Drive-Through Adaption Package. An Industry Exclusive!

For differentiating wash schedule demands 

Both the Westmatic 3-Brush Rollover vehicle wash system, and the HEAVY DUTY vehicle wash system are available with a specialdrive-through adaption package. This option gives you two systems in one! If your wash schedule is in higher demand in the summer time, you can turn on the drive-through option, and use the rollover as a drive through. You can simply turn the adaption package on our off at any time, based on the season and your wash schedule. This will decrease your cycle time!

If You're Washing...

  • Transit Buses **WITHOUT BIKE RACKS**
  • Motor Coaches
  • Trailers Without Lift Gates 

*With a high demand wash schedule, (short cycle cycle time)

We recommend a Compact Drive-Through Truck Wash System, or Bus Wash System. A drive-through vehicle wash system is ideal for those large fleets, who demand a short cycle time, and a fast wash schedule.  Westmatic manufactures the most compact (small footprint) truck wash / bus wash systems in the world. Another great advantage to Westmatic's drive-through truck wash / bus wash systems is that we, "bring the brushes to the vehicle", rather than bringing the vehicle to the brushes. This reduces driver error tremendously, and eliminates any possible damage to the vehicle or the wash system itself.

Types of Drive-Through Truck Wash Systems & Bus Wash Systems

  • 2-Brush Drive-Through Truck Wash System / Bus Wash System

The Westmatic 2-Brush Drive-Through vehicle wash system is capable of washing all sides of the vehicle. The 2 vertical brushes wash the front with an overlapping brush movement, down each side and then the rear with the overlapping brush movement. 

  • 4-Brush Drive-Through Truck Wash System / Bus Wash System

The Westmatic 4-Brush Drive-Through vehicle wash system is specifically designed to eliminate any shadowing caused by the wash process. The first set of vertical brushes wash in the same sequence as the 2-brush model. Afterward, the second set of vertical brushes wash with counter rotation down the sides of the vehicle. This counter rotation eliminates any shadowing on the side of the vehicle.

If You're Washing... 

Transit Buses **WITH BIKE RACKS**

We recommend the INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE 4-Brush Transit-Master or the 6-Brush Drive-Through Bus Wash System. These wash systems are the only bus wash systems on the market that are capable of washing around difficult-to-wash front mounted bike racks,WITH FRICTION (brushes)!  To see these bus wash systems in operation, please visit our video page here.


If You're Washing...

  • Garbage Trucks
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Oil Field Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Transit Buses
  • School Buses
  • Motor Coaches
  • Or any other heavy duty, or irregularly shaped vehicle

We recommend the TORNADO Touchless Drive-Through vehicle wash system. The Westmatic TORANDO is an absolute powerhouse, capable of washing ANY vehicle or piece of equipment in your fleet! This system will automatically configure to any size or shape of vehicle or equipment. The system is able to do this via its robotic high pressure booms. These 2 vertical booms are able to move into the center of the wash bay, and wash with the same sequence of operation as our drive-through truck wash system. (Even with an overlapping movement!). Westmatic's drive-through touchless wash system is the only touchless truck wash system capable of contouring to different sizes and shapes of vehicles. All other touchless systems come standard with fixed (do not move) vertical arches, that are unable to sense different vehicles, and therefore provide a poor wash result.

Please fill out the form on our contact page and a sales representative will be glad to help you find the best wash to suit your fleet and needs!