Custom Wash Bay Drawings & Layouts

Whether you are designing a brand new building/facility to house your large vehicle wash system, or want to install the system in an existing building, Westmatic is here to help ensure you do it right!

Westmatic Corporation truly guides the customer through the entire process of planning, designing, and building an automatic truck washautomatic bus wash, or automatic train wash system.

For wash bays which will be newly designed and built, our trained sales reps and technicians will work with your architect to provide detailed drawings and our best advice on wash bay / building layouts.  Having serviced over 2,000 wash bays across the world, we will provide years of experience and our best recommendations in order to provide you with a sustainable and efficient vehicle wash bay.

For years, Westmatic has worked alongside industry-leading maintenance building designers and consultant firms, architects, and general contractors, helping to provide the most sustainable and efficient wash bay designs possible.

Westmatic's team of highly-skilled draftsmen will create site-specific wash bay designs and drawings.  Click here to view a sample of our general layouts for our bus wash, truck wash, and train wash systems.

Contact Westmatic today to learn more about our large vehicle wash systems, and get your project started with the best in the industry!


Custom Wash Bay Drawings